Environment / CSR-policy


To always assume the environmental aspects of our operations is a prerequisite together with customers and suppliers to deliver products that takes in consideration the internal and external environment. 
PF System shall

  • To the best of its possibilities cooperate with contractors/subcontractors whom are  environmentally certified. 
  • To the best of its possibilities acquire environmentally friendly and organic products. 
  • To the best of its possibilities ensure that all logistics are managed in such a way which has the least impact on the environment.  PF System is based on eliminating the factors that affect the internal/external environment and atmosphere in a negative way.

We, together with our client’s and suppliers is to do our utmost to protect our environment from the long-term perspective.

Working environment

We strive so that the psychosocial and physical environment are optimally adapted on the basis of the work environment , an work environment were the employees are happy and doing well.  We operate periodically to evaluate and follow up the activities in such a way that illness and accidents are prevented and that an optimal working environment is achieved. We never compromise on our customers ' or employees ' safety.   

Everyone in our Organization is to contribute to a good working environment, this places demands on our employees. A good working environment motivates employees towards  commitment and teamwork, which means active leadership, clear targets images that create wholeness and meaning for groups and individuals. The power to influence their own work situation, a well-developed communication platform within the Organization and a good work environment with respect to ergonomics, noise, air quality and chemical health risks is given