A time tested and proven design for use with any fibrous application, The Rotary Drum Filter is used to provide the proper airflow and vacuum for many types of dry fiber forming processes. The most common application is for hygienic product converting machines producing baby diapers, sanitary napkins, hospital pads, surgical pads, incontinence products, etc. Other applications include Absorbent pads for meat trays, tissue products, carbon/graphite fibers, ceramic fibers, and other similar textiles and nonwoven uses. Most Rotary Drum Filters are dedicated to a single production line but, may be applied to multiple line processes. 

Principle of operation

The filter is a revolving perforated cylinder covered with a filter media. Air and particulate from the process flows to the drum filter where the air passes through the filter media leaving the fiber/particulate on the filter media surface. The drum rotates past vacuum nozzles which remove the particulate for disposal and/or reclaim. The drum filter is normally supplied with a Main fan, a vacuum Nozzle fan, and a panel enclosure. Designed to provide your process with uniform airflow and vacuum.