A baghouse unit optimized for handling fibrous materials, which have tendencies to agglomerate.

CCF (Continuous Cleaned Filter)

See:  Fibroust  dust - Hygiene - Tissue – Airlaid – Asphalt (CCFA)

A small pressure blower provides reverse air cleaning for the filter elements eliminating the need for compressed air. This reverse air is applied with a 3600 continuous rotating cleaning nozzle located in the clean air plenum. Controls allows for the isolation and cleaning of one section at a time. The system air continues to flow through the active chambers and into the main system fan. Once the material is  transported into the filter housing the velocity of the material is decreased and by gravity naturally fall into the hoppers, the lighter material that is not dropped into the hoppers is then separated by the filter media and letting the clean air pass through, 
These fines are then cleaned from the filter media by the reverse air flow and fall to the hopper of the unit. The fine particles are immediately extracted utilizing slide gate valves and a material transport fan. The integral electrical control panel includes PLC and HMI components for all system functions. PF System also supplies peripheral equipment related to the material 

Can be delivered as ATEX compliant solution.