System Solutions

PF System operates with a functional focus, that's where our knowledge and strength comes in.  
With the System, we mean a turnkey solution, we do not only deliver filtration system  we deliver a solution! 

Commitment is a key factor!

What we offer is systems optimized for your process, this can mean anything from extraction point to waste management, the system that we believe with our experience and knowledge is best suited for your process is that we stand for.

As energy reduction is very important, we also develop solutions for heat recovery and air humidification systems.  

Some of our selection when it comes to systems: Custom Extraction hoods – Ductwork– Pre-separators – Fans – Processfiltration– Heat recovery – Humidification units – Control systems – Centralized vacuum units – Dust monitoring equipment and more ... Anything to suit your needs.

Do you want to know more about our systems and solutions? 
Unsure if your system is working with optimal?

Do not hesitate to contact us! 


PF System AB

CCF Filter

A small pressure blower provides reverse air cleaning for the filter elements eliminating the need for compressed air. This reverse air is applied …

BHF Filter

A conventional hose filter of high performance and quality.  The filtration system works by guiding the raw gas into the filter, where the …

Modular Filter

A dust filtration system based on modular construction, with its low weight simplified assembly and transport. By modular construction is meant that …

TCF Filter

A versatile type of filtration system with optimal place savings when it comes to textile filters.


A time tested and proven design for use with any fibrous application, The Rotary Drum Filter is used to provide the proper airflow and vacuum for …