Fibrous dust Hygiene / Tissue / Airlaid

The fibrous dust segment is an industry that our experience and expertise has made itself known not only in Sweden but globally. With specific solutions adapted to the process in question, we can benefit from our experiences from various industries to implement reliable solutions.  With material transportation, air balancing and dust handling in our knowledge base we can offer complete solutions ranging from extraction point to dust handling with everything included in between such as 
Extraction hoods - Duct systems – Pre-separators - Filtration – Control systems –Material recycling, which we would consider as a complete system solution.  

For this segment we have besides the filtration systems also equipment which will make waste management more efficient, and more manageable. We always see opportunities to optimize and improve processes, this is what makes us unique in this segment. 

The clients needs always come first!  

See more about applicable filter systems that occur in these segments.

MMBF - Multi Modular Bag Filter
CCF – Continous Cleaned Filter