Is a conventional hose filter of high performance and quality.

BHF - Bag House filter

Is a conventional hose filter of high performance and quality. 

The filtration system works by guiding the raw gas into the filter, where the velocity of the gas is reduced and distributed evenly over the entire filter surface where coarser particles are separated and fall into the dust hopper. 

The gas then passes through the filter hoses, where the final separation takes place. The purified gas is then discharged to the system main fan via the clean gas outlet. 
The dust depositing on the filter hoses gives increased pressure drop and at the same time, the filtration capacity to a certain extent improves, which is why the filter hoses must be cleaned regularly with compressed air. 

The cleaning, which is usually controlled by a separate control unit during operation, operates as follows:

On the top of the filter top there is a compressed air tank. The tank is equipped with electrically operated diaphragm valves, one for each row of X number of filter hoses depending on the filter type. From each valve, a cleaning pipe provided with openings over the filter hoses. 

The cleaning, which is normally controlled by a microprocessor or PLC-based control equipment, operates according to the following description: One of the cleaning valves diaphragm opens for a very short time, whereby a compressed air surge rewinds the filter hoses in the relevant hose/bag row. When the filter hose has been layered with a dust cake, the compressed air pulse  breaks loose the cake which falls into the filter hopper. 

After a break, in the same way, the next hose line is cleaned. The filter cleaning control can take place after pre-set time intervals or based on the pressure drop of the filter hoses. The dust separated in the filter is discharged to a preferred collection type via the material feed outlet. This discharge should be done continuously during the operation of the filter to avoid dust accumulation in the hopper. The BHF system can be used for a large variety of processes but is very suitable for processes with high dust concentrations. For the best possible system construction, PF System AB provides turnkey systems from dust extraction - material handling with all units in between such as duct system - pre-separator - dust separator - control system. 

This system can be supplied in ATEX compliant configuration

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